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New Zealand Manuka Apiculture Co., Ltd. is a quasi-listed company registered in New Zealand. It is one of the supporting/sustainable agricultural projects of New Zealand Primary Industry Department. It is based on the source of New Zealand bee industry (beehive). Through the management and operation of professional technical team, customers can enjoy authentic New Zealand manuka honey (UMF5+or otherwise). Above).


公司总部位于新西兰最大城市Auckland 北岸繁华商业中心,临近海边,环境优美,风景宜人,毗邻商场、银行、超市以及高档社区。在Auckland北岸Silverdale设立了专门为客户提供参观体验的蜂箱培育基地,距离总部15分钟车程。土地面积14公顷,每周六设立开放日(邀请制),由本地蜂农亲自开箱,带领客户认识蜂箱结构,蜂后等养蜂方面的小知识,并有机会品尝原始蜂巢蜜,蜂花粉,蜂王浆等。在Auckland周边数十个农场内均放置有NZMA的蜂箱。并且在北部麦卢卡产区与毛利部落合作,设立多个养殖基地,现阶段NZMA的土地资源贮备可提供15000个蜂箱以上。

The company is headquartered in the bustling business center on the north coast of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. It is near the sea, beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. It is adjacent to shopping malls, banks, supermarkets and high-end communities. In Silverdale, North Bank of Auckland, a beehive cultivation base has been set up to provide customers with visiting experience. It is 15 minutes'drive from the headquarters. With an area of 14 hectares, an open day (invitation system) will be set up every Saturday. Local bee farmers will open their boxes personally, leading customers to know about the structure of beehives, queens and other aspects of beekeeping, and have the opportunity to taste the original honey, pollen, royal jelly and so on. NZMA beehives were placed in dozens of farms around Auckland. In the northern Maluka production area, in cooperation with Maori tribes, a number of breeding bases have been established. At this stage, NZMA land resources can provide more than 15,000 beehives.



Nanjing Honey Code Trading Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Honey Code Trading Co., Ltd. is a legally authorized agent of Manuka Apiculture Co., Ltd. in China, engaged in sales and customer management business.